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Narcotics Detection
K9 Unit

akdu our services

Explosives Detection
K9 Unit

Specially trained sniffer dogs in Melbourne
Our services – a first in Australian private security

The AKDU is proud to announce its emergence as one of Australia’s first private companies to offer large-scale narcotics and explosive detection services, offering Australian citizens increased personal and asset protection, and peace of mind.

The AKDU dissolves the common misconception that K-9 detection units are solely authorised and utilised by Australian customs, border patrol and governmental policing bodies. AKDU meets federal and state legislation guidelines to operate K-9 narcotics and explosives detection services at an exceptionally structured and personalised level, providing top-tier security to both private companies and offered as valuable support to government and policing agencies.

The AKDU provides both private and public organisations with the capability to contain serious security risks before they escalate. The AKDU is now available to service your company with significant anti-terrorism and illicit drug trafficking preventative teams.

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