Bomb Detection Dogs in Melbourne 

The AKDU recommends the use of the Explosive Detection K-9 Unit within a range of environments, including airports, shipping and transport, university campuses, public facilities, public events, shopping centres and in areas where high public concentration may occur.

The AKDU’s Explosive Detection K-9s are trained similarly to narcotics detection K-9s. They assume an unassisted ‘sit’ position when an explosive trace element or explosive device is detected, with one licensed handler allocated to each K-9. Every K-9 is thoroughly trained using authentic scents (as opposed to pseudo/simulated odours) to detect core materials that may be used to assemble an explosive item. The AKDU’s Explosive Detection K-9 Unit can also perform as a pre-emptive security task force, isolating smuggled items such as illegal firearms and ammunition in searches. Explosive Detection K-9 Units can be specifically coordinated to suit the client’s needs and combined with the Narcotics Detection Unit to form a strong preventative screening force.

one of our explosive detection dogs in Melbourne


• AKDU will target explosives, firearms and ammunition.
• Private companies are now able to implement anti-terror measures using AKDU.
• Both small and large-scale operations may be coordinated to the client’s specific needs.
• Use AKDU to protect your company’s insurance contracts, whether it be public liability or asset protection via superior security screening services.
• K-9 units are made available to both public and private companies.
akdu k9 explosives


• Environmentally friendly and virtually carbon neutral explosive screening methods, when compared with the slower, less intensive and less thorough x-ray screening methods.
• Detection of explosives, trace elements, dynamite, firearms and ammunition.
• Accurate explosive searches based on authentic scent K-9 training.
• Large- and small-scale operations can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.

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